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I was the Director of Photography for Placebo Heart, a gritty New York City 12 episode series:

I was Steadicam and 2nd camera and this music video was awarded Best Music Video in 4 National Film Festivals.

Produced by Peggy Ellis and Chris Marcantel

Edited by Chris Marcantel
DP Glen Mordecci
Steadicam Mark Goldberg


This is the second music video I shot for Rob Morton:





I filmed this Behind the Scenes for an Editorial Fashion Shoot by Lisa Ramsay: 




I filmed this for Long Island Locavore:


I filmed this promo for The Society Of Unique Artists:



This is a franchise testimonial I shot for United Water Restoration:




Abandoned is an example of my Steadicam work:




Lyn Dillies - Illusionist - Metamorphosis:





I shot this Behind The Scenes setup for Dean Johnson during the 2019 NY NOW Show at Jacob Javits:




Currently filming:  "Life is El" - Living and working under and around the elevated train tracks in New York City. http://LifeIsEL.com  Here is a teaser:





This is the equipment I own and am using as a pretty visual thing on Kit, but it's not as up to date as my textual typa thing here http://avsprod.com/equip.pdf :

I also have experience operating a lot of different equipment other than what I own.

All my equipment is insured, I have full liability insurance and certificates of insurance are available.

Here is my Resume and IMDB credits.


The Documentary Factory - http://TheDocFactory.com which is a division of AVS Production Company has many films which are either in production or pre-production. They are:

Life Is EL - http://LifeIsEL.com - Living and working under and around the elevated train tracks in New York City

Step Streets - http://StepStreets.com - Where did the Street go?

Education In Smithtown - http://EducationInSmithtown.com - Lots of pencils, lots of books, and we loved our teacher's dirty looks

Sake in America - http://SakeInAmerica.com - The love for and growth of what used to be a Japanese exclusive drink in America

Scams Are Us - http://ScamsAreUs.com - You have it, we'll take it

In Search of Whale Vomit - http://InSearchOfWhaleVomit.com - It'll help you smell better

Oh Deer - http://OhDeerTheFilm.com - How we live with our forested friends

Life Before Twitter - http://LifeBeforeTwitter.com - The history of the digital era

Volunteers Of America - http://VolunteersOfAmericaTheFilm.com - Without Volunteers, we would all be in trouble

Legendary Smithtown - http://LegendarySmithtown.com - How a man named Smith settled in for the long ride after a short ride

Tea For Two Billion - http://TeaForTwoBillion.com - Our love for the second most consumed beverage in the World

The Life Of Death - http://TheLifeOfDeathTheFilm.com - Who's there at the end

Smart Phone, Stupid People - http://SmartPhoneStupidPeople.com - Your phone is getting smarter, but you are getting stupider

1 Dollar For You - http://1DollarForYou.com - Yes, you can still get things in NYC for only $1 including great Pizza!

The Deadliest Sport - http://TheDeadliestSport.com - Is Gymnastics the deadliest sport?

50 Years of Planting Trees - http://50YearsOfPlantingTrees.com - The history of Earth Day and the related movements

The Trees of NYC - http://TheTreesOfNYC.com - Did you know there are over 692,892 trees in NYC?

Can It - http://CanItTheFilm.com - What's with all that metal around my stuff?

Sprout Poop - http://SproutPoop.com  -  The care, feeding and love for Sprouts and the World's greatest Virtual Air Band

Whatever It Takes To Get The Shot - http://WhateverItTakesToGetTheShot.com - Ken Regan did whatever it took to get the shot


Featured as one of the best New York City photographers